3-6 year olds

3 – 6 year old students are invited to take LAMDA Solo Introductory examinations. These are designed to develop basic communication skills and to introduce the learner to the LAMDA suite of graded examinations in Communication and Performance.

Learners who prepare themselves appropriately will develop:
1 Interpretative skills
2 Technical skills
3 Communication skills.

7-17 year olds

More advanced students (7 – 17 year olds) take LAMDA exams in Acting

These are designed to develop the skills necessary to communicate dramatic text to an audience.

Learners who prepare themselves appropriately will develop:
1 Interpretative skills: the learner(s) will be required to:

  • explore style, form, character, subtext and context in order to realise the specific demands of the text
  • engage with character and situation in order to create a sense of reality.

2 Technical skills
The learner(s) will be required to:

  • develop skills in voice, diction and movement.

3 Knowledge of the performance process. The learner(s) will be required to:

  • know and understand the chosen selections
  • know and understand the key principles and influences in the process of acting for one of the following practitioners: Constantin Stanislavski, Bertolt Brecht or Jerzy Grotowski (Grade 8 only).

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