Reflect teachers tend to be working actors, who have plenty of experience working with children. Our teachers are all recruited directly, after a face-to-face interview. Our staff all undergo training sessions and complete a full DBS check. Termly practitioner sessions are compulsory for all staff. New members of staff shadow and observe our more experienced teachers, before being allowed to run classes independently.


When you enrol your child for the term, a place in the class is reserved for your child which means that no other child can take this place. Unfortunately, if your child is unwell or cannot attend, missed classes cannot be added on to the end of the block, or refunded under any circumstances.


Our classes cater for all students within the age group; meaning that the older members of the class can benefit from the classes just as much as our younger students. Experience has shown that having the mixed age range can provide opportunities for our younger students to develop their skills and be stretched while our older students will be given more responsibility and opportunities to develop leadership skills.


From experience, children who begin to show reluctance to attend class when previously have been happy, could be having difficulties outside of class relating to family, school or other issues. It is best to contact the teacher to get an insight into how your child has been in class and for them to offer any solutions regarding how to re-engage them in the sessions. We sometimes recommend bringing along your child a little early before the session for the teacher to have a quick chat and find out if  there are any problems. If you are sure your child does not want to continue attending, unfortunately we do not offer refunds.

As well as developing creative skills we also aim to give our students important life skills. As with any activity students will find some elements more engaging than others. However, we feel that it is important that children and young people develop the ability to persevere even when they find aspects challenging.   This ability to self-motivate will help students develop in areas that they may not have previously explored and will help them broaden their horizons in all areas of their life, no matter how challenged they feel. Alongside our performance and self-presentation skills we also aim to develop in our students:

Commitment and Dedication

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